Updates to Anthony Holt

No rest for the wicked!

After completing our work with Up for a Change, we were straight on to helping Anthony Holt update his website and bring it into 2015 with style!

We have refreshed the custom made theme used in his site, as well as made everything a lot clearer and simpler. The introduction of a live-blogging area means he is able to write to his hearts content whenever he wishes and the Projects area allows him to easily update his fans and followers on his current workings.

The gallery have been given a spruce up with a great Lightbox image viewer, allowing using to scroll through with their left and right arrow keys and we have integrated links to his social media pages throughout.

The last but not least improvement is the listing of Anthony’s publications which is now much easier to update when Anthony has new releases on the home page, as well as add a proper listing under the ‘Books’ menu. Each book has an improved and streamlined individual listing with links to the publisher and available editions on Amazon.

So, have a look for yourself!